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Early Learning HQ is home to thousands of primary school / early years teaching resources, some of which are completely free to download. You are not obliged to subscribe to the songs if you do not want to. Narrative Reading Year 5/6 Beowulf, Private Peaceful and The Turbulent term of Tyke Tyler. Cross curricular project on Superheroes, plus a week long plan for Superhero themed Maths; a Superhero Maths series of lessons, focusing on working systematically. Topics so far include : Maths and science, Maths and geography, Maths and history, Bonfire night, Halloween, Spies, Superheroes, Pirates, The Romans, Castles, The Rainforest and Harry Potter amongst others but we are always looking for good ideas. Bonfire Night The life of Guy Fawkes; Firework poetry; The Firework-maker’s daughter; write instructions for a firework party ; Bonfire night percentages and Murder Mystery at the Bonfire night. The best way to see how Language Angels resources work is to take a COMPLETELY FREE 6-WEEK TRIAL You get access to everything so you and your colleagues can road-test all the resources in your classes. These are two sets of indictors that should be considered when planning any educational setting (they are not designed solely for early childhood education but are equally applicable in primary, secondary, higher and adult education). There is an absence of cognitive demand. The National Association for the Teaching of English is a good place to go for ideas and advice. A whole range of cross-curricular units tying in to familiar curriculum topics. Literacy is always high on school and government agendas so it helps to keep English lessons fresh with new ideas, games and tests. Christmas Michael Rosen visits the home of Charles Dickens; background to setting of ‘A Christmas Carol’. Website and original content copyright Early Learning HQ. N.B. This may be a sign of inner concentration. The evaluation process begins by assessing the levels of well-being and involvement using the scales outlined above. This is what pupils think about the Dimensions Curriculum!

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Introduce activities that help children to explore the world of behaviour, feelings and values. Measuring a child’s wellbeing and involvement can also empower and energiser teachers and practitioners. D PSHE develops fully-rounded children who are healthy, sociable and emotionally literate. D PSHE’ is our Cohesive, creative writing when to start a new paragraph Creative PSHE Programme! Thank you for making it so clear and ‘usable’. Just a few of the recommended books for UKS2. The child’s activity has intense moments during which activities at Level 3 can come to have special meaning. You can buy the 3D PSHE  Primary Programme for only £1,000 (ex VAT and P&P), a saving of over £100 compared to buying resources individually! Involvement focuses on the extent to which pupils are operating to their full capabilities. The child can be easily distracted. You are using an outdated browser. The child expresses self-confidence and self-assurance. Lessons based on the idea that Dr Evil is going to attempt to take over the world and only YOUR class can stop him; Combination locks- maths problem solving; Give children the opportunity to become code breakers and to make up a code of their own-easily be linked to a creative writing lesson about spies who use secret codes. They must not be used for commercial purposes and you are not permitted to redistribute them in any way. VAT for life - as long as you keep your subscription renewed. Naturally, British Values are at the heart of 3D PSHE and we have also crafted age-appropriate resources to support schools who wish to discuss Extremism and Radicalisation with pupils.

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There may be frequent interruptions in the child’s concentration, but his/her Involvement is not enough to return to the activity. The child may talk to him/herself, queen elizabeth ii primary homework help play with sounds, hum, sing. There are no signs indicating sadness or pleasure, comfort or discomfort. Luckily one boy and his grandmother know how to recognize these vile creatures – but can they get rid of them for good? The posture, facial expression and actions indicate that the child does not feel at ease. This allows schools to receive any updates or extra resources produced, during the 12 month period, ensuring the 3D PSHE scheme remains bang up-to-date and in line with current developments. If you post on the forums, colleagues are also offering to share SOW, lesson plans, printable worksheets and other helpful literacy planning tools. Here’s a good selection of fiction for both upper and lower KS2 Literacy. Widen the possibilities for free initiative and support them with sound agreements. It covers key concepts and skills to help you fulfil your statutory responsibility to support pupils’ SMSC (moral, social and cultural) education, focusing on Health and Wellbeing, Relationships and Living in the Wider World. Well-being focuses on the extent to which pupils feel at ease, act spontaneously, show vitality and self-confidence. I would like to thank the Language Angels team for the invaluable support that they have given me, in taking over the role as Spanish lead at Brookland Junior School. The children love these and will be clamouring for more. We don’t need Laevers’ Wellbeing and Involvement Scales to tell us that children learn best when they are contented and relaxed, it’s common sense. Prior to taking over as Spanish Coordinator, all Spanish lessons were delivered by the three Spanish Specialists in our school ( Yes we were very lucky). They said it looked easy to use and liked the idea of the slides, interactive games and worksheets. N.B All the above will be sent as digital downloads. Worksheets differentiated by outcome for whole class involvement. See and read the experiences of real teachers using Language Angels resources in schools all around the country. There is some progress but energy is lacking and concentration is at a routine level.

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The child has a neutral posture. I found this extremely helpful when looking for research for my BA (hons)in Educational Leadership Child centred module. They have a bookshop with books helpfully categorized into sections like classic reading, drama, grammar, literacy, poetry and Shakespeare. If you would like to share your ideas, please contact us on the Blog page and we will upload your lesson plans to the site. This is because we are passionate about joined-up learning and making cross-curricular links. Stimulating interventions are open impulses that engender involvement, such as: suggesting activities to children, inviting children to communicate, asking thought-provoking questions and giving rich information. Get in touch to see online samples of our ‘pick up and teach’ engaging lessons, fully resourced with Dimensions creative flair. However, the signals are less explicit than under level 1 or the sense of discomfort is not expressed the whole time. Educators must observe pupils as a group or individually for a period of approximately two minutes then give a score for wellbeing and/or involvement. Really helpful for evaluating the value of my Forest School Programme. As an aid to the creative curriculum, we have put together some cross curricular maths resources which might come in handy. Stimuli, from the surrounding environment, however attractive cannot seduce the child away from the activity. Use the comprehensive reporting facility built in to the Tracking & Progression Tool to monitor where each of your pupils is in their foreign language learning journey. Reading comprehension exercises can be useful and there are lots of quizzes that support spelling, dissertation help dublin grammar, writing and reading. Comprehensive teacher support notes detailing what's on each PowerPoint slide plus hints and tips on how to get the very best from your lesson. We have enjoyed teaching PSHE with our new 3D PSHE Programme from Dimensions Curriculum.

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We agree to LOCK-IN your annual subscription price at £199 exc. Actions can be spontaneous and expressive. When buying the Whole School Programme we offer an optional annual subscription for £100. Incredibly helpful and useful information. Identify children with emotional problems and work out sustaining interventions. Is thier a versoin or proforma that i could use to assess younger children age range 3-5 years old.

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